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Marisol's Helping Hands

Alopecia is a medical condition, which causes hair loss either in patches or it can affect the entire body. Head hair, brows, lashes and body hair can be lost, causing a great deal of psychological trauma for the patient. Permanent makeup can help bring back self-esteem and confidence to the Alopecia patient. In the hands of a skilled technician, brows can be applied in a natural manner and eyelash enhancement or full eyeliner can be used, either alone or as an adjunct to false eyelashes, creating restored facial features.

Master Stylist Marisol has founded this charity and is looking for donations from helping hands in order to provide free services to those individuals afflicted with this condition. Our goal is to be able to freely serve as many Alopecia Areata clients as the Lord allows. Each client will be served with two things: love and compassion!

This is a great way to put a smile on a total strangers face! Help make a difference and donate.

Note: All clients served through Marisol's Helping Hands Foundation will be sharing their story. All donors will have the opportunity to see what a difference their donation has made.


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